Why should Sales & Marketing fully encompass the “Big Picture”?

A Strategic Marketing approach will help your company achieve its organisational goals by developing and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage, addressing key considerations such as what markets to target, which services to offer, and how to price and promote them. However your strategy and its associated tactics will have to be clearly documented with a sales and marketing plan as bringing sales and marketing together is paramount to the growth of your company. Our marketing management process will help you define and implementing such a plan, going beyond a list of activities and their associated costs, delivering your strategy at tactical level, ensuring quality marketing leads are generated and closed properly and avoiding poorly planned, opportunistic activities that do little to establish a true competitive advantage.

  • Creating Your Strategic Marketing Plan doesn’t need to be daunting, a small number of essential steps will help you understand the business situation your firm is facing and steer your marketing program in the optimal direction.
  • Researching and understanding your target clients.
  • Positioning your brand(s) in the marketplace.
  • Creating a connection between your firm and your target clients
  • Creating a contrast between your firm and competitors by defining and leveraging a set of differentiators, which will be True, Provable and Relevant.
  • Defining and refining your product or service offering with the full understanding that if your clients are changing, then your services need to evolve with them, to create and maintain your competitive advantage.
  • Understanding all stages of the sales funnel — getting new prospects, nurturing existing prospects, and turning prospects into clients.
  • Understanding the merits and differences of offline marketing techniques and online marketing technique.
  • Documenting your Sales & Marketing schedule & budget.
  • Tracking implementation and results.
  • Making regular adjustments to your Sales & Marketing strategy

Benefits to you:

  • Differentiation from competitors to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Sales & Marketing activities better tied to the growth objectives of your company.
  • Systematic process guiding the use of sales & marketing resources.
  • Your Sales & Marketing strategy will better reflect the realities of your consumers’ and buyers’ behavior.


An integrated approach to strategic sales and marketing will help you significantly improve your overview of how your customers interact with your brand and how they reach a purchasing decision, enabling you to create smarter marketing campaigns and improve your customer service and also build credibility and lasting brand preference with a unified message.

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