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A constant challenge/Adapt or die

As business leaders in today’s uncertain and complex environment, we need to adapt to change quickly. Maintaining a strong, company-wide culture of performance that achieves steady growth in line with your strategy is never easy. Leaders who create a compelling, ambitious vision for their organisation with a collaboratively agreed set of goals ensure a lasting competitive advantage and sustained revenue growth.

Catalyst for

StrategyCrowd is internationally recognised as a catalyst for company performance, resilience and leadership and as a facilitator of ambitious strategy formulation and implementation.

We ensure a tangible momentum to the motto “From Ambition to Action” thanks to our accurate pattern recognition and to our versatile analysis and diagnosis expertise.

Our team of four partners and 24+ associates work seamlessly with you to generate growth by fostering agility and by aligning your strategic business objectives with market opportunities by:

  • Developing high performance teams.
  • Enhancing your product / service offering.
  • Creating a better understanding of your customers and markets.

Differentiating and emerging
in a competitive environment.

We will help your management team successfully address your business challenges and opportunities by eliminating key gaps and contradictions in your strategic intent and operational process.

We will help you develop a best-in-class planning and management process, catalyst of long-term competitive advantage; an engagement journey with your Executive Team, with a key focus on fully leveraging all your key processes and assets, leading your company to the next stage of its evolution and toward sustainable and profitable growth.


  • StrategyCrowd helps you understand the roots of your company’s performance and purpose so you can create a better future for your business and team.


Our strategy formulation framework helps you:

  • Capture the present state of your company.
  • Define the better state of the company.
  • Agree on key actions and gaps to be addressed to move from present to better state.
  • We will help your management team successfully address your business challenges and opportunities by eliminating key gaps and contradictions in your strategic intent and operational process.

Growth/scaling up

Growth without a plan can cause chaos, and sometimes lead to business failure. At StrategyCrowd we help you chart growth with your team and provide ongoing safety rails to ensure you grow smart. Our growth programmes examine:

  • Where you are now.
  • What you need to fix, add or improve before you grow.
  • How to develop a growth action and implementation plan.
  • How to monitor and adjust the plan over time.


Our acclaimed export programme matches your company with internationally experienced mentors and facilitations to:

  • Examine your export possibilities.
  • Conduct market research.
  • Determine your value proposition.
  • Get you and your team ready for export.
  • Develop and implement an export plan.
  • Provide ongoing check-ins to ensure targets are met.

Sales and marketing

We also provide advisory and mentoring services on all aspects of your sales and marketing functions.

Management consulting
& personal development.

We are recognised enablers of:

StrategyCrowd has partnered with Dublin City University to design a leadership development programme for SMEs in Ireland and deliver business advice and individual/team coaching to senior management teams.

StrategyCrowd and associates have designed and delivered the New Frontiers Phase1 and Phase 2 programmes for ITT and ITB in Dublin; Sligo IT and LYIT in the Northwest; Carlow IT and WIT.

Our acclaimed Export Programme has also been delivered through Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) in Donegal, Sligo and Leitrim.

During the Covid crisis, we also participated to Mentors Work, a joint initiative from Skillnet Ireland and SFA, the Small Firm Association, deploying a team of 20 affiliate consultants to offer a structured support via the pairing of an experienced mentor with a specific SME in order to address their immediate challenges and provide bespoke advice, guidance and practical recommendations.


We regularly work with organisations such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the World Bank, providing commercial and business advice and export training to SMEs in developing economies such as Ukraine, Georgia, Tunisia.

We also act as business growth advisors and coaches to the EU Horizon 2020 programme and to several Enterprise Ireland business support programmes such as Go Global for Growth, Strategic Marketing Review and International Selling Programme.

We are currently developing new training programmes with management and business schools in several European countries.

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