Why the relationship between strategy and performance is essential in strategic management?

The business environment of your enterprise is ever more volatile. To keep up, you need to make better decisions faster and improve the way you change. But how do you get all the necessary supporting capabilities and data in place to do this? A growth strategy is necessary for every company to plan for the long-term direction of the business, to determine how it should perform and to understand how best to make and implement decisions in order to achieve key goals of growth, profitability and sustainability.

We believe that a strong entrepreneurial orientation with measured variables of ‘innovativeness’, ‘proactiveness’, ‘autonomy’ and ‘competitive aggressiveness’ supported by a combination of objective (financial) and subjective (nonfinancial) measures of growth will result in sustainable high business performance. Our methodology is designed to offer immediate impact and long-term development for your team members and for your organisation to become an adaptive enterprise, in a controlled manner based on a rigorous framework.

In practical terms we look at the domains or aspects with the largest gaps between current and target levels as they usually present the greatest opportunities for improvement. We then guide you to find the causes of marked differences and gaps and understand how best to subdivide such opportunities into specific action points. We then combine all these elements into a growth action plan which will allow you to drive your company with agility and creativity through current and future competitive environments, having fully assessed the impact of change.

The plan will be built from the following stages:

  • Current State Diagnosis
  • Relevant Business Concerns
  • Environmental Survey
  • Capabilities and Gaps Analysis
  • Adaptive Capabilities
  • Suggested Evolutions
  • Strategic Goals

Benefits to you:

  • Understanding and implementing new models and approaches to strategic management and leadership.
  • Bringing the right people and insights at the decision table when it matters most.
  • Onboarding assessment instruments to evaluate your change capabilities.
  • Empowering change agents in building superior capabilities in specific process areas, e.g. policies, standards, procedures, responsibilities and accountability, to unleash the full potential of your company.


Any organisation must continuously evolve its strategy, products, services and internal structures to remain competitive. Our structured and rigorous growth strategy approach will ensure you stay ahead and in control to make informed decisions about change in a time-pressured, complex environment. By formulating and implementing your growth action plan, you will be accelerating the effective implementation of change across your enterprise more safely and will leverage a new agility that rapidly and competently deliver business value.

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