I am preparing for a one day workshop at Teesside University about leadership. If you read “Technology versus Humanity” you will realise how important leadership is going to be in the future. Extraordinary times need extraordinary leadership. Struggling with what to talk about and discuss. Here is what I have come up with so far:

 Man against machine

A cracking book asking some very pertinent questions about where technology is bringing technology. We have no idea what we are playing with and there is a need for leadership. At a personal level (who is going to control your mind), at a corporate level and at a governmental level.

Skin in the game

When leadership is required at a corporate and governmental level, you want the decision makers to have skin in the game. Extreme anthropology. Feeling the consequences of the decisions. Nassim Taleb is always worth a read.

The Captain Class

Captains of sports teams are leaders with skin in the game. This book looks at the leadership of Tier One sports teams that were consistently successful over a sustained period of time. The secret sauce is the captain. In your company, if you knew you were heading into the toughest fight of your life, whom would you choose to lead you as captain? If you are a CEO reading this, I hope it is you. Find out what makes a captain.


To stay with sports. Your health is your wealth. That should also apply to your organisation. Leadership is about movement and health. How successful would your organisation be if everyone was at their “optimised self”? Imagine all staff, including yourself, being very healthy, very fit. Mentally and physically. If you have a potbelly, you might not get the next promotion. Some tips.

 Movement, fitness and resilience go hand in hand

My own take on the topic is that the Lindy effect is ignored when we look at leadership. What do you think?

Let me know.