European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) – Export Training

Project Overview

StrategyCrowd won a contract to design and deliver a 3-day interactive export training programme in Regional Centres of Ukraine and Turkmenistan. The training programme was targeted at SMEs across all industry sectors and included follow-up mentoring for all participants. Following a successful pilot, the programme was rolled out in 7 regional Cities in Ukraine and a cohort of businesses in Turkmenistan. The course included all aspects of exporting from strategy to planning; market research; route-to-market selection; selling in international markets; value proposition & marketing; impact of culture and export readiness – practical and financial considerations.

This export training programme was designed specifically for SMEs with ambitions to grow their business in export markets. The course design brings participants on a journey from understanding the strategic motivations to export and their international growth ambitions to the ‘how to’ from market research to route-to-market; understanding the importance of culture in international business; selling to international customers to the practical considerations of what needs to change in their business to ‘can I afford to export’. The output is guiding participants to prioritising and focussing on achievable, sustainable and profitable growth in export markets.


StrategyCrowd has delivered this export training programme to over 100 SMEs in Ukraine and Turkmenistan based on a 3-day interactive workshop delivered in a classroom environment. The course is broken down into 6 sections – each with its own participant handbook. All participants in this workshop received follow-on 1-2-1 mentoring (90 mins) to help them complete their export growth action plan. The mentoring was delivered virtually using Skype.

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