Sustainable Nation Ireland and Sustainability Skillnet

Programme Overview

StrategyCrowd tendered for and won a contract to design and delivery a leadership and development programme for start-ups/SMEs in the sustainable sector. The programme named, 2° Catalyst was a tailored for companies that are developing resource efficiency products or services. The programme was not academic; it was about actionable insights that could drive the value of the client company’s business and help them achieve growth and transformation through learning and connectivity by plugging into the Sustainable Nation global network.

Using blended learning methodologies, including one-to-one mentoring and peer-learning, to build each client company team’s expertise in the six key pillars of growth enabling disciplines that SMES need to learn to deliver sustainable growth. Strategy – Finance & Funding – Sales & Marketing – Operational Excellence – Leadership & People and Innovation Each of the above pillars was addressed using three patterns of learning to deliver a blended experience designed to deepen the application and impact within the participating companies.

Boot Camp Style Workshops for each of the six pillars facilitated by StrategyCrowd experienced domain experts. Peer Learning Sessions in cohort groups to share knowledge and experience of the participants facilitated by StrategyCrowd business advisors. One-on-one coaching/mentoring with each participating company by experienced StrategyCrowd business advisors.


12 client companies and 23 managers completed a Sustainable Growth Action Plan for their business and an appropriate investor pitch. The programme received an overall evaluation score of 80%.

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