European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) – Small Business Services Division

Project Overview

StrategyCrowd won a contract to manage a Consulting Practice in Emerging Economies. The role was to qualify SME applicants for an 18 month intense mentoring programme; choose appropriate Senior Advisors and Experts to deliver the programme, mentor them and provide reporting and PM for these programmes. The vertical market focus was Creative Industries and the Geography was across all active EBRD Regional Offices. Each 18 month programme was tailored to client needs but the overall objectives were to drive stronger strategy, plan innovation and differentiation and support the companies as they planned International Sales.


StrategyCrowd has delivered this programme with high levels of client feedback within budget and within timeframes. All companies emerged in a more resilient state with strategies that were well considered and tested. Feedback from the Business Mentors was equally positive with a number of these mentors becoming regulars on StrategyCrowd’s mentor panels.

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