Eclipse Pictures

Eclipse Pictures

Project Overview

StrategyCrowd worked with the client to understand their core strategy and revenue streams. We worked to think through the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on the business. Our key purpose was to really drill down into the value proposition, the skills and the connectivity of the leadership team to imagine how to survive and thrive in this crisis. The project was carried out remotely using zoom and took 4 weeks in total.


StrategyCrowd coached the team to consider all options to harness the considerable expertise and connectivity that the leadership team has built up over the long history of the company. Exciting new ideas were imagined and sketched out, existing revenue streams were more resilient after an honest and detailed examination. The conversations all resolved around creating value for customers and then capturing a fair percentage of that created value. Feedback from the client and SFA was very positive and we left feeling that they were happier and more resilient than when we met them first.

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