Aqua Jet

April to June 2015
Aqua Jet

Project Overview

Aqua Jet is an Irish based engineering company specialising in water infrastructural remediation solution design and implementation. The company is in essence an Irish based business with limited international experience. The CEO appointed a Strategy Crowd Director to assist the company transition from a domestic market business to an international business, develop an international growth strategy that would ensure the company could secure immediate business opportunities in Oman and provide a clear blue print for future growth in the Gulf region.


Working with our Strategy Crowd Director, Aqua Jet developed an executable market entry strategy and clear value propositon that positioned the company as a clear leader in the field of water infrastructural remediation. This enabled Aqua Jet to engage in a more professional way with its prospective client in Oman and improve its potential of winning large contracts in this market. With the input of Strategy Crowd, Aqua Jet has a simple, implementable market entry strategy that can be replicated across international markets. Aqua Jet secured its first two international contracts in Oman worth €3.5 million in August 2015.

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